What is the difference between HTML and DHTML?

1. It is referred as a static HTML and static in nature.
2.A plain page without any styles and Scripts called as HTML.
3.HTML sites will be slow upon client-side technologies.

1.It is referred as a dynamic HTML and dynamic in nature.
2.A page with HTML, CSS, DOM and Scripts called as DHTML.
3.DHTML sites will be fast enough upon client-side technologies.


   HTML                      DHTML
HTML site work slowly upon client-side technologies. DHTML sites works faster upon client-side technologies
HTML is static in nature DHTML is dynamic in nature
HTML files are saved with .htm extension DHTML files are saved with .dhtm extension
HTML does not make use of any methods for making it dynamic. HTML content is always static DHTML uses events, methods and much more for providing dynamism for HTML pages
HTML pages does not require any processing from browser DHTML requires processing from browser which changes its look and feel

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