The Latest Techniques in Web Designing Each Developer Must Know

Web designing has changed dramatically over the years. Just a few years ago we wouldn’t have found a basic static page out of place and might have even remarked as to how great it looked. However, today there is no way one can compromise on latest web designing technologies as competitors are always trying to outdo each other.

With that in mind, web designers should always ensure that they are well acquainted with all the latest techniques and technologies available for building websites. One of the most important factors in such technologies to consider is UI. User Interface is ever more important in the world today because of an increasing dependency on mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Building a website with a great user interface is not only important but also a crucial factor in the survival of a business. With that in mind, here are some of the most important reasons why web designers should consider UI of a design technology more important than anything else:

1. A web design technology may look great but if it doesn’t feel great, it will be avoided.
2. A good UI makes sure that people stay on the page for a longer time
3. A great UI is simple and minimalist
4. User interfaces should be targeted depending on user demographics
5. Complex user interfaces must be avoided altogether.

While all these tips may sound generic, there are certain other reasons why web design technology should be based on great user interfaces. Here are some of the most important technologies that come with great user interfaces.


As people have begun to use mobile gadgets more often, increasing demands for pages that load fast on mobile phones have cropped up. This means, people will now want to browse websites on their smartphones, tablets and on their computers. Using HTML 5 is a good idea as the mark-up language is built with user interface in mind. It is simple, clean and looks attractive.


While it was largely avoided earlier, it is now one of the most preferred programs to ensure greater and better user interface in web applications. CSS 3 is used in building websites and applications that not only look great but feel great. It can be used in combination with HTML 5.

Responsive Web Design

The idea of responsive web design is to ensure that a website looks great no matter what the size of a screen is. There are several gadgets in the market today and designing a website for each one is practically impossible. The best trick is to adopt responsive web design so that one can view a web page clearly no matter what the size of the device screen is. Responsive web design is built with user interface (UI) in mind.

White space

While it is not exactly a technology, it is one of the most important techniques in web world of web designing. Any reputed web design agency would readily recommend using more white space within websites. This makes sure that typography stands clear against the backdrop of the white space. Moreover, a website will not appear clogged, complex and uncomfortable.

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